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Artist. Activist. Speaker.


Artist. Activist. Speaker.

Renowned Palestinian-Israeli artist and activist Mira Awad has led an international career spanning various artistic mediums, including singing, songwriting, acting, and scriptwriting. With a compelling personal narrative shaped by navigating complex identity dynamics, she has emerged as a beacon of resilience and advocacy, championing peace and dialogue. As a seasoned storytelling consultant, she seamlessly intertwines personal narratives with broader societal reflections, guiding audiences towards transformative insights and actionable change.

Artistic career highlights:

As singer, represented Israel in the 2009 Eurovision song contest.

As actress, played the role of Eliza Doolittle in the Israeli opera rendition of the musical My Fair Lady, and appeared on all 4 seasons of the highly rated Israeli TV sitcom Arab Labor. 

As creator, created and co-wrote the TV drama Muna.

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Recent Advocacy Focus:

In response to the events of October 7th in Israel and Palestine, Mira Awad has dedicated her efforts to advocating for a third narrative, one that transcends divisive ideologies and prioritizes the human aspect of the conflict. Grounded in a commitment to achieving sustainable solutions for all inhabitants of the region, her advocacy underscores the urgent need for inclusive dialogue and empathetic engagement.

Speaking Topics


The Third Way

In the midst of escalating polarization, Mira delves into the challenge of fostering dialogue and cultivating nuanced discussions. Exploring the necessity of transcending binary thinking, and offering insights on creating spaces for understanding and collaboration in a complex reality.


The Guide to the Novice Artivist

As a veteran artivist, Awad illuminates the intersection of art and activism, unveiling the profound impact of artistic expression in driving social change. Delving into the unique struggles faced by artivists, and providing invaluable guidance and practical tips for navigating a life dedicated to activism through creative mediums.


How I fixed my life with Storytelling

From personal to national narratives, this discussion unveils the transformative power of storytelling in shifting perspectives from victimhood to empowerment. Drawing from personal experiences and broader societal contexts, it offers strategies for utilizing storytelling as a tool for healing fractured narratives and fostering resilience. 

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