HuMAN / WoMAN - Double Album

Containing songs of human solidarity and women empowerment, as well as extremely personal pieces,
my new double album reflects all the issues I deeply care about.
The fist part - HuMAN - was released to all digital platforms on September 2021. Find it HERE.
The second part - WoMAN - is coming soon! 
Bellow are some of the videos I released from the double album.
For all my videos go to my YouTube channel.

Moment Out of Time

Merely a moment before coronavirus put a siege on the world, quarantine became a lifestyle and the mask became a must-have accessory, Guy Mintus and I filmed this video in the lobby of the Ichilov medical center in TLV. If there is anything that this pandemic taught me, it is living in the moment and appreciating what I have. Live and love like there is no tomorrow. This is what the song Moment Out of Time is about.

In the shadow of a pandemic

Little did I know when I created this acapella rendition of the italian song "Girotondo Intorno al Mondo" (Around the world) that it would be so relevant.

"If all the people in the world would join hands, there would be a circle surrounding the globe", only through solidarity will we be able to face the challenges ahead.

Music: Sergio Endrigo, Lyrics: Paul Fort, Voice: Mira Awad, Arrangement: Mira Awad & Ayal Yishay.

Footage taken from the web, edited by Mira Awad.

International Women's Day

Even in 2020, with all the modernity and the technological achievements, so many girls and women around the globe are still struggling with one or a variety of issues: Negative body image, low self-esteem, complete or partial lack of opportunities, limited ability to decide their own fate, sexual/mental/spiritual harassment and/or abuse, social and financial discrimination and so much more... I myself belong in one or more of those categories, and feel that it is time to truly break free. So I wrote a little song addressing myself, but then felt it could also speak to others. 

March 2020

On the verge of a third election in Israel.

“Long live the leadership and long sleep the sheep!” My sarcastic way of pointing out how we as people(s) constantly allow leaders to misguide and mislead us. In the era of fake news, we need to work harder to figure out what's truth and what's an orchestrated manipulation.

Appearing in the video with me is Adam Gorlizki, who co-produced the song together with Ayal Yishay and myself.

February 2020

From the album Woman, Asfura Ustura (Phoenix) is a song about junctions, inner battles, re-birth and renewal. I took many hits in my life and in my career, and fell down. Luckily, something inside me always knew how to quickly rise again, how to tend to the wounds and keep going. This is to the extent that I have actually perfected falling, a phoenix rising up from the flames and spreading wings.

January 2020

My mega-production of the year! Bringing together 11 singers, Arabs and Jews, to sing for solidarity.

Participants in order of appearance: Mira Awad, Norman Issa, Peter Yarrow, Noa (Achinoam Nini), Miriam Toukan, Kobi Farhi, Adam Gorlizki, David Broza, Bassam Beroumi, Yossi Zabari, Sameh Saz Zakout.

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