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Music Review

" This music, with its entrancing sensuality accentuated by the singer’s guttural crooning, was intensely seductive, and I felt drawn into its mysterious spell. Although her songs can be happy, the predominant mood suggested ancient sorrow built into the music.
Whether expressing a desire for peace and reconciliation or personal longing, Ms. Awad evoked a world of division, of lovers torn apart, of people waiting for the dawn with a complicated mixture of despair and hope. When Ms. Awad explained the songs in English or translated passages, the sentiments tended to sound banal. But when she sang in Arabic, primal feelings that may be impossible to translate into any language came to the fore."


Stephen Holden, the New-York Times.

Music Review

" Musician Mira Awad is a defining force within the connective tissue of the play.  With voice, drum, and wind instruments, Awad is not so much a guide but a storyteller.  Her melodies present the conflicts and experiences of living in the region as well as comment on the action of the action of the play.  Awad’s voice is earthy, rich, and deeply grounded.  The performance of her original music is affirming and sometimes haunting.  With every lilt and bellow, we were asked to see the refugees torn by their journey."


Marcina Zaccaria, Theater Pizzazz. NY.

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