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Storify your presentations 

Enhance your engagement with authentic storytelling

Clarify it!

Distill the story of what you do, identify the essence of your project, and frame the core messages of your business.

Storify it!

Inject the correct storytelling elements into your marketing content and presentation language, in order to bring out the unique nature of your brand.

Personify it!

Learn how to become the best public speaker you can be. Inject your unique persona into your content and present your content with confidence and flair.

What clients say

As a startup founder, you have the company story in your head that you are telling everyone. But I found that rarely the story you're telling is the same story everyone else in the company is telling, nor it is the story your audience understands.

With a child-like curiosity, Mira asked a ton of questions about what we do. Then magically, she managed to sift through the technical data and pull out the human story. We always knew the importance of our startup, but never had we crystalized its value in such a relatable way. The clear narrative made it easier for us to explain to potential clients, investors and recruits, what it is we are aspiring to achieve.

Boaz Mamo

Serial Entrepreneur

former CEO at CU-BX

Palo Alto

"In the process with Mira, I am able, for the first time in my life, to merge the two halves of my career into one coherent narrative. I could finally combine the dancer with the pilates coach in a natural way. Mira brought to the table her amazing experience in playing with the diversity of what and who I am and where I want to go with my business, and with a unique sense of creativity she custom tailored a suite of goals and timetables that fit me perfectly. I am managing to do much more, in less time, with less effort and less stress."

Lola Fishbein


"In one session only, Mira managed to start us on a recovery plan for our website, and social media pages.

She didn't only lay out the problems, but actually brought us solutions, and got us excited about iplementing them.

We couldn't believe how quickly she understood our goals and aspirations for the club, and how easy it was to focus the story we wanted to tell. We ended up bringing Mira to give a talk to our club members, because we felt she has knowledge to help all of them with their own businesses."

Dana & Anat

Israeli Business Club


"On top of being a wonderful artist, Mira is also an extremely efficient consultant. Before meeting her, I had never fully realized how helpful storytelling could be, not just for my career as a freelance web developer, but in life in general.

In just a few right-on-target questions, Mira was able to identify the key elements I needed to work on to present myself and my business in a much clearer and impacting fashion. Her faculty to think out of the box and precious advices have proved invaluable in helping me improve the way I interact with my customers and refine strategies to find new ones. Seeking Mira's help and tapping her knowledge and expertise was definitely one the smartest decision I ever made.."

Alain Roos

Front End Developer


Rock Maze

Why storytelling...


Storytelling is a powerful tool that you can use to create emotional connections with your audience, convey your core values, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

* Frame your core identity: A statement that radiates the right energy, conveys your values and showcases your passion and commitment to what you do.

* Find your authentic voice: Your business's story can differentiate you from competitors by highlighting your UNIQUE perspective, values, and experiences, making you stand out in a crowded market.


* Clarify your messaging: Stories can be used to communicate complex ideas or concepts in a way that is easily understood and remembered.

* Humanize your brand: Sharing stories about the people and values behind your business humanizes the brand and helps establish a personal connection with your customers, creating a sense of trust.

* Explore the correct arenas for your communication (both online and in-person) and learn how to shine in them.


* Create compelling & unique content and presentations, that are always on-brand and compatible with your core identity.

Hi, I'm Mira

For over 20 years, I performed on stages and in front of cameras as a singer, songwriter, actress, public speaker and TV host.  Then I transitioned to behind-the-scenes, where I wrote scripts (created a TV drama), I directed and edited a plethora of video content for TV and social media, helping clients tell their authentic stories and showcase who they are.  

Today I am a Storytelling Consultant and Presentation Skills Coach.

I specialize in empowering ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to master the art of persuasive storytelling and presentation skills while making the whole experience easy and fun.

My mission is to bridge the gap in the market by providing tailored training that transforms individuals into confident, influential communicators who know how to infuse their unique personalities into everything they do.

Together, we will unleash the power of compelling narratives and impactful presentations to achieve career success and make a profound impact in your industry.






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