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Confused how to stand out on those media platforms?

Stop wasting money on generic marketing that isn't working!

Let me help you find your unique authentic voice,

so you can be the song among the noise.

Schedule a free consultation now.

In an over-saturated market, where we're constantly bombarded with over-the-top content and persistent ads, people are looking for something real to engage with. They are searching for stories that inspire them. You can be that inspiration. Whether you're an individual, a company or a non-profit, your story is one of a kind. No one can compete with you on being you. 

Let me help you tell your story.

Mira Awad - Storytelling Consultant

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who's been writing, composing, painting, sculpting, filming and editing stories for over 30 years. In 2021 I started consulting businesses on how to format their own stories in a compelling and engaging way, in order to connect better with investors, clients, and even their own employees.

Schedule a free consultation now.

What clients are saying:

As a startup founder, you have the company story in your head that you are telling everyone. But I found that rarely the story you're telling is the same story everyone else in the company is telling, nor it is the story your audience understands.

With a child-like curiosity, Mira asked a ton of questions about what we do. Then magically, she managed to sift through the technical data and pull out the human story. We always knew the importance of our startup, but never had we crystalized its value in such a relatable way. The clear narrative made it easier for us to explain to potential clients, investors and recruits, what it is we are aspiring to achieve.

Boaz Mamo

Serial Entrepreneur

former CEO at CU-BX

Palo Alto

"My life is finally stress free!

In the process with Mira, I am able, for the first time in my life, to merge the two halves of my career into one coherent narrative. I could finally combine the dancer with the pilates coach in a natural way. Mira brought to the table her amazing experience in playing with the diversity of what and who I am and where I want to go with my business, and with a unique sense of creativity she custom tailored a suite of goals and timetables that fit me perfectly. I am managing to do much more, in less time, with less effort and less stress."

Lola Fishbein


"In one session only, Mira managed to start us on a recovery plan for our website, and social media pages.

She didn't only lay out the problems, but actually brought us solutions, and got us excited about iplementing them.

We couldn't believe how quickly she understood our goals and aspirations for the club, and how easy it was to focus the story we wanted to tell. We ended up bringing Mira to give a talk to our club members, because we felt she has knowledge to help all of them with their own businesses."

Dana & Anat

Israeli Business Club


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