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Stage Performance and Vocal Coaching

With over 30 years of stage experience, as singer, actor, tv and radio presenter, you can say I have a few tips to share :-)

Throughout the years, I've developed my own method of coaching that is holistic and dynamic.



I consider the body and mind as a whole, and I work on connecting the different parts, and clearing out any obstacles preventing the sound (or intention) from being projected. 

You'd be surprised to discover how many of these "obstacles" are miss conceptions of self. In the training, we engage our breathing and body muscles, but also our thoughts and feelings.


I am a multidisciplinary artist, and so I incorporate tools from all the different worlds: Music, Theatre improvisation, Movement, Fine Arts and even Martial Arts.. 

I do not give traditional vocal lessons, where I sit in front of a piano and the student repeats technical exercises till we are both yawning. (Although yawning is a very good release exercise :-D

The work we do is custom built around the student, their character and their needs.

Never mind what works for others, we are here to discover what works for YOU. 

Like in my storytelling work, I see my method of coaching as more an unveiling and releasing of the voice that you already have, rather than imposing a voice that is seemingly "correct" to have.

I believe our true voice comes easily, and not with effort. So our job is to seek that ease and flow. 

Mind you, when I say "true voice" I mean it both literally and metaphorically. Sometimes, clarifying your intent and crystalizing your message has an immediate effect on your vocal cords and vocal range.

The work can strictly evolve around your presentation skills, whether you're a singer, actor, public speaker or an executive who needs to run big presentations.

However, we can delve deeper if you feel that you are in need of a more rounded sort of coaching.

I can advise and accompany your strategy, goal management and content choices.

In a way that resembles the work I do with my storytelling clients.


"Mira coached several of our artists. She connected with them on a deep level, tapped into their individual challenges, then found a way to guide them to a better understanding of their voice and stage presence".

Meital Shevach

Head of A&R

Universal Music Israel

״Mira’s coaching style is refreshingly untraditional. She always shows me new exercises that help me become aware of muscles that sustain singing, connect to them and control them, like my own body is the instrument. I am an extremely shy singer, but Mira makes me feel comfortable by incorporating playfulness and jest in our sessions. These lessons are not just teaching me how to sing better - I am also learning how to relax from head to toe, not take myself so seriously and explore without fear the places where my voice can go. And I can tell you my voice has gone further than it ever has before.״

Teo Georgescu

Vocal student

"Mira gave an energetic and fascinating Stage Performance workshop to our 3rd year vocal students. At the end of it they nicknamed her "Xray eyes" because she could instantly see the work each one needed."

Mai Leshman

Department manager at Jerusalem Academy of Music 

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