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Ready to Perform

Vocal Training & Presentation Skills

Become a memorable performer

Vocal Training

Expand you vocal range and your voice dynamics, learn a reoiable core breathing technique, and unveil your true voice.

Deliver songs with a personaized flair and feeling.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to become the best public speaker you can be.

Inject your unique persona into your content and present with confidence and flair.

Shine like a star!

Prepare for a keynote speech or an important audition. 

Work on a specific piece of content you need to perform, whether a presentation, a monologue or a song.

"Mira coached several of our artists. She connected with them on a deep level, tapped into their individual challenges, then found a way to guide them to a better understanding of their voice and stage presence".

Meital Shevach

Head of A&R

Universal Music Israel

״Mira’s coaching style is refreshingly untraditional. She always shows me new exercises that help me become aware of muscles that sustain singing, connect to them and control them, like my own body is the instrument. I am an extremely shy singer, but Mira makes me feel comfortable by incorporating playfulness and jest in our sessions. These lessons are not just teaching me how to sing better - I am also learning how to relax from head to toe, not take myself so seriously and explore without fear the places where my voice can go. And I can tell you my voice has gone further than it ever has before.״

Teo Georgescu

Vocal student

"Mira gave an energetic and fascinating Stage Performance workshop to our 3rd year vocal students. At the end of it they nicknamed her "Xray eyes" because she could instantly see the work each one needed."

Mai Leshman

Department manager at Jerusalem Academy of Music 

Vocal Coaching and Stage Performance Skills

  • Aspiring to develop a unique stage presence?

  • Hoping to improve your presentation skills?

  • Preparing for a major audition?


With over 30 years of experience on stages and in front of cameras, whether as a singer, actor, public speaker, and tv & radio presenter,

you can say I have a few tips to share about performance and presentation:-)

Whether you are seeking to sing or talk, whether in front of a room of investors or an audience of millions, I can help you crystalize your performance.


What will we be doing?

  •  Create ease in your singing, speaking, body language, and general presence.

  •  Use your voice correctly and prevent vocal damage.

  • Expand your range: Vocally, physically and mentally. 

  •  Find your authentic voice.

  •  Breathing techniques for constant support.

  •  Bring your emotion and your intent into your performance.

  • Clarify your messaging, so your ideas come through razor-sharp.






Let's start shining!

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