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Mira Awad

Singer, Actress, TV Host, Composer, Music Producer, Scriptwriter, Director, Editor, Artist, and Designer.


Coach in the fields of Vocal Training, Stage Performance (Presentation Skills), Creativity, Storytelling, and Content Creation.


An activist, using art to advocate for empathy and solidarity.









Public schooling at Rama Village in the north of Israel

Fine Arts and English Literature at the University of Haifa.

Studied Music at Rimon School for Jazz and Modern Music.

Physical theatre at the Teatron Haguf school - Jacques Lecoq method, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

Graphic Design course at Hanasi College, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Photography course at Masa Aher school, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Art Direction and Experience Design courses at UAL, London, UK.

Music Career - Singer

1994-1997 Leading singer and songwriter of the Palestinian rock band Samana.

1996-2000 Studied music at Rimon School for Jazz and Modern Music, Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

2002 Recorded the duet “We Can Work It Out” with Israeli singer Noa, and the duo began touring together internationally.

2002 Appeared in an album of live performances of Greek singer George Dalaras.

2004 Performed at We Are The Future concert, in a duet with Noa. The concert was organized by music legend Quincy Jones to benefit children in war zones. It took place in Rome, and was broadcast on MTV to millions around the globe.

2005 Wrote the lyrics and recorded the song Azini for the Idan Reichel Project album Memaamakim. 

2005 Recorded the theme song for the movie Forgiveness by director Udi Aloni.

2009 Released 1st solo album Bahlawan. Musically produced by Amos Ever-Hadani. Label: Helicon.

2009 Recorded the theme song for the movie Lemon Tree by director Eran Riklis.

2009 Eurovision Song Contest 2009: Represented Israel together with singer Noa with the song There Must Be Another Way. 

2009 Duet album Noa and Mira Awad - There Must Be Another Way, released by  Universal Music.

2009 Recorded the duet Ani ve Ata with Guy Mar (from Hadag Nahash).

2010 Performed at The Liberty Medal Ceremony. 2010, in Philadelphia, where Bill Clinton handed the Liberty Medal to Tony Blair

2010 Recorded with Spanish band La Oreja de Gogh and David Broza a renewed version of the band’s song Jueves in Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic.

2011 Performed two duets with Andrea Bocelli, in his concert at Masada, Israel.

2011 Released 2nd solo album All My Faces, musically produced by Carlos Jean. Label: Sony Spain.

2012 Performed with Bobby McFerrin in the Tel Aviv White City Music Festival.

2013 Wrote the lyrics and recorded the song Enta Enta for Idan Reichel’s album Quarter to Six. 

2013 Established Transit Trio, a World Music project, with fellow musicians Marc Kakon (Moroccan guitarist and composer) and Joca Perpignan (Brazillian percussionist, singer and songwriter). The trio toured in Israel and Brazil.

2013 Recorded the duets Ramalla Tel-Aviv and Keys To The Memory with David Broza, for his album East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem. Musical producers: Steven Greenberg & Steve Earle.

2013 Recorded the songs All Is One and Through Fire and Water with the oriental metal band Orphaned Land, for their album All Is One.

2014 Released Write Down, the soundtrack for the film Write Down, I’m an Arab by director Ibtisam Maraana. Music by Mira Awad, musical production by Shay Alon. Label: LabelFree.

2015 Recorded the song Galbak Sakhar for Dudu Tassa and the Kwaitis album.

2017 Recorded the song West to East with Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land), for Hackett’s album The Night Siren.

2017 Issued the song and video Chambers of Your Heart, as a fundraiser for Save A Child’s Heart humanitarian project.

2018 Released the EP Venezia-TelAviv, a collaboration with the Italian bass player Daniele Vianello.

2018 Recorded the song Vos de Algodão for Joca Perpignan’s album Manso Balanco.

2019 Performed with veteran peace activist Peter Yarrow in his concerts in Israel.

2020 During lockdown, initiated the music project Isolation Songs and released a few songs and videos that were all produced at home.

2021-2022 Released double album HuMAN & WoMAN. Musical production: Mira Awad & Ayal Yishay. Label: LabelFree.


Concert Review - The New York Times:


" This music, with its entrancing sensuality accentuated by the singer’s guttural crooning, was intensely seductive, and I felt drawn into its mysterious spell. Although her songs can be happy, the predominant mood suggested ancient sorrow built into the music.
Whether expressing a desire for peace and reconciliation or personal longing, Ms. Awad evoked a world of division, of lovers torn apart, of people waiting for the dawn with a complicated mixture of despair and hope. When Ms. Awad explained the songs in English or translated passages, the sentiments tended to sound banal. But when she sang in Arabic, primal feelings that may be impossible to translate into any language came to the fore."

Stephen Holden, the New-York Times




  • Bahlawan (Acrobat), solo album, 2009. Label: Helicon.

  • There must be another way- Noa and Mira Awad 2009, duet album. Label: Universal Records.

  • All My Faces 2011, solo album. Label: Sony Spain.

  • Write Down, Soundtrack, 2014. Label: LabelFree.

  • Venezia-TelAviv - Mira Awad & Daniele Vianello, EP, 2018..

  • HuMAN & WoMAN, solo double album, 2021-2022. Label: LabelFree.

Music Career - Composer


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