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Mira Awad

Palestinian-Israeli award-winning Singer, Songwriter,

Actress, TV Creator, Stage Performance Coach, Storytelling Consultant, Artist & Artivist promoting compassion and solidarity through the Arts. Currently living in London. FULL artistic CV

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Storytelling and Presentation Skills Coach

With over 30 years of experience on stage as Singer, Actress and Presenter and with an impressive cv as a Content Creator and Performance Coach, Mira Awad is a top-notch storyteller, with a sharp radar for narrative integrity.

Mira aims to help individuals and businesses formulate their authentic identities and reflect their core values in their storytelling and presentations. 

 Mira believes each person and/or company has the power to inspire.  

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Latest double album - HuMAN/WoMAN

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Acclaimed TV drama

created by MIRA AWAD

 The Peace Tshirt

Designed by Mira Awad. Profits allocated to educational programs for tolerance and coexistence
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Noa (Achinoam Nini) & Mira Awad
Adam Gorlitzki - Israel
Tim Ries - USA
Gil Dor - Israel
West London Synagogue
Kosta - Israel
Zlati- Bulgaria
Alan & Dora- Bulgaria
Yuval Caspin - Israel
Lily - Israel
Montana - USA
Alon - Israel
Waffa - Israel
Miki - Germany
Gadi & Shay


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