Creativity for social change

Creativity is my game,

Social Change is my aim,

So, I combined the two, into workshops designed to inspire and motivate social change.

If you don't know it by now, I am an Artivista. What it means is that I use my art and public appearances to try and promote human solidarity and social change. 

I've designed these fun creative workshops in the aim of combining my passions together, and maybe, just maybe, to inspire solidarity and humanism in others.

Stage Performance

for singers, actors and public speakers

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Mira Awad gives Workshops and Private Sessions in 

Stage Performance skills, for Singers, Actors and Public speakers.

Includes: Breathing exercises, voice projection tips, crystallising the personal message, building a repertoire, text understanding and interpretation, improvisation skills, general flow and the importance of presence. 

Creativity Workshops & Retreats

Mira Awad gives Workshops and Retreats in creativity and creative thinking.

The workshops use different artistic tools to free the creative spirit: Movement, Painting, Music, Photography and more..

The workshop can be formed of a single session (concentrating on one creative tool), or a bundle of 5 sessions, or - For best results and most fun - 


Recommended as company team retreats, a wonderful way for team mates to bond, explore their strengths as individuals and a team, and form strong collaborations.

But mainly strengthen creative thinking skills, and overcoming  creative blocks.

Personal Coaching

Do you want to discover the creativity lying in you?

Are you looking to shatter your own glass ceiling?

Do you have a nagging feeling that there's more IN you or out there FOR you? (You're right, there is!)

Does your brain constantly come up with brilliant creative ideas, but you have no clue how to bring them to reality?

Do you have a clear plan what you want to do, but have trouble mobilising yourself?

Enter an intensive personal process of development, with the help of creative tools.

Individual sessions, tailored according to your character, needs and goals.

Let's meet over coffee and see if we are a match.

Mira Awad


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