Bahlawan- Acrobat

I am half Palestinian & half Bulgarian by heritage, Israeli by citizenship. This complexity made me learn the balancing act from an early age. Moving from a society that discriminated against me based on gender to one that does so based on nationality, I somehow managed to find equilibrium. When in a discourse of US vs THEM you speak of WE, you are often considered a traitor or a fig leaf. When each side in a conflict pulls you to join their bunker, how do you stay in the open? In the struggle to achieve equal rights, how do you avoid self-victimising?

The Israeli-Palestinian issue has never been so personal.

* The talk can be accompanied with short performance and Q&A

Mira Awad on TEDx


Just say YES!

An inspirational talk

How the simple act of saying YES brought me to where I am today.

Success has a lot of elements, but in hind-sight I believe my success comes down to my intuition to say YES to opportunities, and my willingness to immerse myself in huge challenges. Often, in full awareness that, at the given time, I completely lacked both the knowledge and the skills for what I had set out to do. This is the story of a girl who did not know how to swim, but constantly lunged herself into deep waters. Some people call it crazy, some say fearless or brave, I usually joke by calling myself blissfully stupid. However, the simple truth is that every time I said YES to life, I ended up making a quantum leap in my skills and abilities, and thus in my future prospects.

Saying YES as a tool for growth, self-fulfilment and most importantly - Joy.

* The talk can be accompanied with short performance and Q&A


Modern Arabic Music

* A lecture, with video screenings.


Scanning through music that is happening today in the Arab world. Influences and trends.

From the Godess of classical Arabic music - Um Kulthoum, to protest Rappers and MTV style Pop stars in the Arab world. 

All through a personal outlook and with the unique humour and ease of singer songwriter and actress

Mira Awad.



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