How fragile we are...

For a few years now, I've been performing a cover of the song Fragile (by Sting) in my concerts. I honestly did not think to record the song, until the New-York Times music critic Steven Holden praised the cover in a review he wrote about a show I gave in NY (Find it under Press). He pointed out how, coming from me, the lyrics stood out: "Nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could". I took that to heart and decided to produce the cover. I am so proud of the result!

I musically produced the song together with Ayal Yishay at Papa studios.

When it came to making a video, so many ideas were reviewed until I settled on this one. I directed it myself, Ayal Yishay is on the camera, and the editing is a joint effort. The dancers in the clip are the beautiful and talented Adi Boutrous and Stav Stuz. One Arab, one Jewish, a couple on stage and in life, who agreed to bring their grace into this project. I hope you enjoy:-)

Fragile-Sting-cover by Mira Awad

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