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Those of you who have been following this week's events know that I faced a media tsunami following (yet more) statements by Israeli minister of culture Miri Regev. Those of you who haven't, in a nut shell: Two weeks ago I was notified that I had won an award from Acum (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel) for my contribution for the empowerment of Palestinian music and its integration into Israeli culture, and was asked to sing something at the ceremony, and I decided to perform the ultimate solidarity anthem from my repertoire, a song called "Think of others" by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Regev, who likes to claim that Darwish is anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish, demanded I would be denied the right to sing any of his poems. She said "Arabic Languge- Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome, in Arabic), But Dawrish? La! (No, in Arabic).

However, yesterday, realising she had no authority to impose her personal musical taste nor political views on the ceremony, she repeated her point again during the speech she gave in the beginning of the evening, where she claimed that Acum had chosen to turn a musical event into a political one and that the song choice was made as a personal provocation for her. Ironically enough, the only person who actually turned that stage into a political arena, and used provocation, was Regev herself. I chose to give up the red carpet look and just perform with my PEACE T-shirt, as a small reminder to my consistent and insistent message to the world.

To all of you out there who backed me up during the last couple of days, thank you, and do not be afraid, the light always prevails, although darkness seems to be ruling right now. Carry your truths proudly.

* If you want a reminder of the song itself, just go to my home page, and it will auto play, or watch the Video.



(photo by Neta Will)

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