Nelson Mandela - a great inspiration

December 11, 2013

One of my dreams was to meet Nelson Mandela, unfortunately, I will never get the chance to do so now, but his image and inspiration will always accompany me. I chose this bit from the movie Invictus (Morgan Freeman playing Mandela) because I thought it to be very inspirational. Mandela's words: "Reconciliation starts here!" make one of the mottos that I live by. It's not the easiest thing to forgive and move on, especially forgiving people who have done you harm, but "Forgiveness liberates the soul.." said Nelson Mandela and I agree. A great man who knew how to fight and then knew when to stop fighting. It would have been a natural result for Mandela to hate the whites and even take his revenge when given the chance, but NO, he rose above himself and called his entire people to rise above the hatred and called for solidarity with his ex-oppressors. That's greatness! That's an inspiration! My respect to this rare leader, and I wish we had more like him in the world today.


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