Goodbye Africa!!

Last day in Mwanza. I'm leaving this afternoon, starting the long journey home, and I have mixed feeling about it. On the one hand I would have loved to stay with the SACH team (who's staying behind) and keep documenting what I see, but on the other hand, I miss home, my family, my fiance, and I really cannot neglect my own work anymore.

I had an interesting conversation with head nurse Nava Gershon yesterday, and she suddenly said something that resonated with what I was feeling, and I was relieved that I'm not the only one with the thought. They were examining a girl who apparently will not make it, she was brought to the doctor too late, and nothing can really be done to help her, it's a very difficult thing to tell a parent, and the room was heavy. After the family left, Nava sighed and said: “It's so frustrating to think of those who we cannot help. I know what we are doing is extremely important but sometimes it feels like a drop in the sea”. I totally understood her frustration, but said: “Yes, but imagine you wouldn't be here doing this, then they wouldn't even have that drop! And hey, think of it this way: One drop, then another, then another, maybe we'll manage to create a little puddle”:-)

I guess it's the dilemma of anyone who is involved with humanitarian aid, you see the wrongs in the world, you keep encountering what's missing, and no matter how much you do, you cannot fix everything. Not at once at least! It's hard to keep going sometimes, when you look around and you see how much needs to be done, you might be overwhelmed and paralyzed and simply give up. I guess the trick is to know it in your heart that everything is a slow process, and that these drops are better than nothing, and that whatever you managed to accomplish is something that was not there before.

Coming to Africa with Save a Child's Heart was definitely a lifetime experience I will always remember and cherish, next on the schedule is a fund raising event in November where I'm going to come in my regular function and that is as the singer. After every action I do with SACH I feel more and more obligated to keep on helping however I can.

You can visit SACH”s website, subscribe to their mailing list to get updates of their work, and if you're somebody who can donate, please do so! For me ;-)

I thank SACH for bringing me along, I thank the team from Wolfson medical center in Holon for being the generous spirits they are, I thank the wonderful kids and parents who let me point my camera at them with full trust, and I thank you for following my African experience.

Mira, Mwanza, Tanzania.

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