My Light Campaign

Spread the light! 

Following the escalation of violence in the region in summer of 2014, and the floods of hate and incitement in the digital media, I felt something should be done to balance the picture. I know for a fact there is a huge amount of moderates in the Middle East, their voices are frail in front of the violent voices of the extremists. I wanted to start a counter wave, one of compassion and of hope. So I took a selfie while holding a candle, and wrote a sentence saying "Palestinians and Israelis- Not doomed to be enemies". I posted it on my facebook, then asked people to send me a photo of themselves with a quote that spreads light. I was overwhlemed with the amounts of phots that flooded my email inbox, and what started as a spontaneous little gesture grew into a tidal wave of positivity. When you join this campaign you denounce violence in all it's shapes, you make a pledge not to participate in any act of violence, not to think hate, not to speak it, not to spread it, never to post harmful pictures and racist slogans on the web, never “like” such pictures or slogans, nor “share” them, because this seemingly innocent “liking” and “sharing” is an active participating in violence. You make a pledge to be a spreader of light and not a spreader of darkness.

The photos were posted here and on my facebook, here's a bunch of them.