Creativity workshops

with Mira Awad

Desert Creativity Retreat with Mira Awad

Includes art workshops, aimed to encourage the flow of imagination and creativity


As described by one of the participants:

"Last week, I spent a weekend with total strangers, in a series of workshops for self expression. Among her brilliant talents, Mira knows how to create a judgement-free space, where everyone can be an artist, and any random object a song."

Movement, Words, Painting, Photography and Music, are all pleasant and enjoyable methods to regain the joy of the creative experience and reconnect to the inner child. But they are mainly tools that can teach us how to free the mind and operate from the gut. 


There is a misconception that creativity is only a characteristic of artists.

Mira Awad aims to prove that we are all creative in our own special ways, and that inside each one of us there lies a little artist waiting to burst out.

When the inner artist is free and flowing, it finds inspiration in everything. It knows how to turn a disadvantage into an advantage, and change scarcity into wonderful abundance.

When a "no" thought turns into a "yes" feeling, creativity starts.

 Through artistic tools, Mira Awad manages to create a warm and allowing space for people to engage in new experiences, observe the inner and outer world, and connect to themselves and others. But mainly, she manages to create a different, fun and refreshing experience.


Why the desert?

Sometime you need to go far, in order to get close! Disconnect in order to connect!

Sometimes you need to get in your car, and drive for two hours, get away from your everyday fuss, in order to take some time to breath and get closer to yourself. This is an opportunity to disconnect from the daily hassle, the cellular phone, the computer, the disturbing news notifications and engage in new activities with new people.

The desert, with it's minimal colours, and open spaces, offers the perfect setting for self discovery and learning. 


The workshop will take place at Me'ever Creative Space in Mitspe Ramon, which offers modest but comfortable accommodation options including vegetarian/vegan meals. (Me'ever website).

On Friday, we meet and greet in Me'ever, and get settled in the rooms.

Throughout the weekend, Mira Awad will be conducting different creative workshops, all addressing self expression, and aiming to summon the individual unique creative instinct.

Each workshop utilising a different tool of artistic expression: Movement, Words, Photography, Painting and Music, and participants will have the chance to experiment with new ways of thinking, expand personal horizons, and explore their own unique way of doing things. 

Friday evening, after a dinner together, it is time to relax around the fire, or enjoy the perimeter.

Closing session is on Saturday afternoon.

* All workshops are conducted by Mira Awad, except for special guest workshops.

Prior artistic experience not needed! 

For artists: The workshops are an opportunity to reconsider and re-ask questions.

For non-artists: The retreat provides a chance for experimentation in new medias. 

Please note: Attendance is limited to 20 people only!

Upcoming Retreat:

Workshop costs:

* Costs include : Workshop fees +  Vegetarian meals + Accommodation (according to the following choices) :

1. Camping option - 1000 NIS a person. (Instead of 1500)

* Bring your tent and set it in the perimeter.

2. Dormitory or Tipi - 1150 NIS. (Instead of 1650)

* Tipi: Small intimate rooms, with mattresses on the floor. Sheets & towel provided.

* Dormitory: Rooms with bunk beds. Sheets & towel provided.

* Joint bathrooms.

3. Mud house - 1300 NIS a person. (Instead of 1800)

* The mud room accommodates 2-3 people, so you will be partnered up.

* If interested in a room alone, please contact us and we'll try to work something out - for additional cost.

* One bathrooms for all three mud houses.

* Sheets & towels provided.

* No airconditionning.


* Pictures with accommodation options in the photo gallery below.

* This workshop is open to wide audiences, however, groups who are interested in purchasing a private desert retreat might be able to get a discount, depending on number of participants!


We look forward to spending a magical time with you in the desert!

New dates soon!


Retreat with 

Mira Awad


A weekend of Creativity workshops conducted by Mira Awad


More feedback from participants:

*A chance to break routine and open up.

* I discovered my inner strengths.

* I had the revelation that I am entitled to want more, and am able of more.

* I learned how to trust myself, trust my body to take me to the right place.

* The workshop exceeded all expectations, a privilege.

* Mira is an inspiration

* The workshop made me want to fulfil my dreams.

* A liberating experience, of all ways of expression, without judgement.

* I can't get over the music workshop.. Can it really so easy to write a song??

* An allowing desert experience.


Mira Awad

Mira Awad is a multi disciplinary artist. She studied Fine Arts at the Haifa University, then Music at Rimon school for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Later on she also studied Photography and Graphic Design, and nowadays she likes to work with Ceramics, and her bowls have been exhibited in different galleries in Israel.

Mira is mostly known as an actress from her role in the high rating TV series "Arab Labour" and in the musical "My fair lady", but also from her participation in the Eurovision song contest 2099, alongside Achinoam Nini (Noa). Mira issues two solo albums and collaborated with many local and international artists: Achinoam Nini, Idan Reichel, David Broza, Dudu Tassa, Andrea Bucelli, Yurgo Dalaras, Orphaned Land and Bobbie Mc'Ferrin.

She is also an award winning composer for theatre and film.

Photos by : Shady Ablasi


Book your retreat NOW!

Contact through the form below or email: info@miraawad.co

According to Israeli consumer protections law: Course cancellation can be made within 14 days of closing the deal, as long as it is made 14 working days prior to the start of the service. 

But we want to encourage early admission, so we promise money back for cancellations made up to 14 days prior to the start of the retreat, regardless when purchase was made.

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Photo gallery

סדנת מוסיקה
Central hall at Me'ever
Workshop room
Workshop - Photo by Shady Ablasi
Desert stroll - Photo by Shady Ablas
Desert stroll - Photo by Shady Ablas
Sunset - Photo by Shady Ablasi
Sunset - Photo by Shady Ablasi
Night time - Photo by Shady Ablasi
Together - Photo by Shady Ablasi
Photo by Shady Ablasi
NIght time - Photo by Shadi Ablasi
Mud house
Mud house
The dome at Me'ever
Come outside
סדנת צילום
סדנת ציור
סדנת ציור
סדנת ציור
סדנת צילום
סדנת ציור
סדנת ציור
סדנת ציור
סדנת צילום
Expression with painting